Deutsche grammophonArtistic Installation

Deutsche grammophon


An artistic installation for an iconic music label


On the occasion of Deutsche Grammophon’s 120th anniversary, Google Arts & Culture decided to celebrate classical music through a partnership with the label. An art installation was created to symbolize this collaboration.


The installation takes the form of a Grammophon Jukebox, allowing people to experience some of the digitized soundtracks. The piece will be exposed on Deutsche Grammophon concerts with some of the most famous classical artists and for high standing events.


For this project, two gramophones were created: one exhibited at the premises of Deutsche Grammophon in Berlin, and the other used for various events in European cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover.

A piece of art halfway between classical music and digital

Creation of an adaptable, music-oriented and eye catching concept that highlights the partnership between Google Arts & Culture and Deutsche Grammophon.

Imagine two pieces of art

Feasibility study and construction of two pieces with a design workshop: one for Deutsche Grammophon and one to be exposed in several concerts and events.

From the conception in Paris to the installation in Berlin.

Delivery of the pieces from Paris to Berlin, were the two first installations were set, one for a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic and one for a gala event.