Hello BankApp design for digital banking

Hello Bank

Mobile app - UX - Design

User centric app design for digital banking


BNP’s full online banking service, Hello bank!, is in constant evolution to match its users’ needs in terms of technologies and services. Its mobile application needed to match this flexible mindset.


Since 2015, UZIK has been supporting the Hello bank! teams, relying on agile methodology and user-centric design to keep the app truly useful in customers’ day to day life. Moreover, UZIK’s business agility and innovative DNA allows Hello bank! to keep its finger on the pulse of today’s trends.


Proof of the success of this methodology, Hello bank! reached 500.000 customers in 2019, confirming its status of one of the top online banks in France. And with the launch of the new offers for millenials in late 2019 and for entrepreneurs in 2020, Hello bank! continues to aim for the top!